Friday, 26 June 2009

하자 전담반 제로/Romance Zero

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama
Language: Korean

Kim Woo Jin used to be a top matchmaker. However, one of his matches end when the man is discovered to be gay and leaves his bride at the alter!Everything crumbles from there. He gets pushed to a tiny office, and his new employees are the "Zero Team" a.k.a the misfits. Together they join people together, and overcome battles themselves.
However will they themselves ever find love?

Finished this one last night. It's pretty cute. Then again I'm a sucker for Kang-In♥. The characters are funny, especially "Madam Jang" with her crazy voice! Each client was entertaining, but sometimes I found the matchmaker's side plots to be a bit trying. The ending was sufficient, however I didn't like how Woo Jin ended up. He was a pretty tough, logical, cookie the whole show, and then the last 10 minutes he became a sappy romantic, ugh...but I digress...

Try this one out! Funny, and the characters are cute.
You'll be surprised by some of the episodes....
mwahahaha I can just imagine the reaction to a certain episode on a "hobby"....

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