Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Alex - My Vintage Romance

I bought this CD for my mother (as a Mother's Day gift)
as she loved Alex in WGM.
it wasn't just for me to listen to...kinda
I ordered it from YesAsia, which was prompt,
and it arrived in good condition.Crazy Fact:
알렉스 used to be a sushi chef from Vancouver, before he debuted in Korea.

Title: My Vintage Romance
Artist: Alex Chu
Genre: Ballad/Jazz
Released: June 13, 2008
Language: Korean
Ah... Ever since I heard him sing on, "We Got Married" I've been a fan of Alex. This album is a great one, his songs just melt together. Smooth, is how I would describe this CD. It describes the songs and his voice perfectly. It's mainly laid-back (lounge-y?), with it's fair share of ballad-esque stuff. Though there is the odd rap song mixed in. Some of the more mellow ones might mush a bit in your brain, but it's good stuff.

Highly recommended.

Here is the MV for 사랑하오 (I Love You)
Follow it to the end, it has an interesting switch.

(I have a few more CD's from this order, so look forward to it :)

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