Saturday, 20 September 2008

A Personal First!

Ah the smell of baking!

For the first time, I baked with no outside help whatsoever. Normally when I actually bother to cook or bake it's with someone else. I mean sure I've made the occasional no-bake cookies by myself...but otherwise I've been pretty dependent on people for help. Well no longer!

Above is a picture of one of my scones I made today. I even mushed it/kneaded it with my fingers (which is an accomplishment I assure you.) Though they differed slightly in the size department, the taste seemed un-effected.

With determination, reading abilities and a good recipe the previously thought impossible was brought to light! (I even filled the flour canister up, which weighs a ton!)

I feel so...independent now. Like I could cook rice and chicken and have them ready at the same time.....Actually I better not push it, last time I made chicken....well....lets just say Tandoori chicken will never be the same in my mind.

Anyways there is the amazing story for today, they were ほんとうにおいしかった! (Really very delicious) If you too want to experience the thrills of scone making, let me know! The recipe I have is great, whipping cream....vanilla.....stuff that's not in the average scone. Easy enough too!

If I can do it, you can to!


Cassandra said...

Mmmm. Those look yummy, it doesn't help that I'm hungry! =P

Oisterjosh said...

Those look disgusting. It takes all I have just to not throw up.