Tuesday, 16 September 2008

ホタルノヒカリ/Hotaru no Hikari

Well I've decided to start doing a weekly, or perhaps monthly review of a show that I've watched or am watching. Perhaps for lack of interesting events in my life, as well as to inform you, the viewer. This weeks Dorama is Hotaru no Hikari!

Genre: Romance Comedy

The main story line is about a successful business women (played by Ayase Haruka), who at home is the total opposite of her work persona, as she's actually a slob/himono-onna (driedfish-woman); who prefers to drink beer on her porch, rather than go on dates. Somehow, her recently divorced boss (played by Fujiki Naohito) ends up moving in, which makes for some interesting moments. The show revolves around her life, love, and work.

I really liked this show, I thought it was rather funny. From what I can remember, as I watched this awhile ago, so don't take my word as exact..., it's well enough paced, and most episodes are enjoyable. Not SUPER romantic, more cute comedy.
I've seen a few shows with Fujiki Naohito, and it was nice to see him with a bigger role. It was the first time I saw a show with Ayase Haruka, she held up well enough I suppose, pretty too... Anyways, overall a good show.

P.S. I've started Korean lessons :D

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