Thursday, 11 September 2008

New Camera

Well when my exchange student left, I sent my camera to be fixed. As as soon as I would put batteries in it, I would only get maybe 5-10 photos before it shut off, saying I needed to change the batteries. This was not the first time I had sent it away either, not long after buying it my focus stopped working properly, so I had to get a new part for it.

Anyways this time it was "uneconomical" to fix it, therefore I was free to get a new one! Yay! I love warranties! The only thing being, was that my ol' Canon A540 was a good two years old, and my replacement was half the price! Ah with new cheaper technology my old $300 camera became worth only $150. Therefore I decided I may as well fork out some bucks to upgrade.

Still being too cheap to go up to an SLR, I went for a megazoom. Although the pickings were rather slim. As I am anti-sony, and pro-Canon. With only one Canon model present, I bought it, and the return lady gave me a bargain (i.e. she gave me my camera free....being $300 approx. the same price as my old one. So I only had to pay for my new warranty and my case.)

So I am officially the new owner of a S5 IS Canon PowerShot. Nothing too spectacular, but I'm pleased with it so far. Although the lensecap is a tad annoying, as it constantly falls off....

Oh and update on Korean lessons, I am now getting Korean lessons, in exchange for teaching Japanese. Fighting! Starts Sunday, will do my best :P.

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