Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Genre: Drama
Language: Korean

Lee Seo Jeong enters into the fashion world, when she wants to become a journalist. She quickly realizes that just writing skills won't get her far, as she discovers the cut-throat world of a fashion magazine. Park Gi Ja, the boss at "Style" magazine, is a cold and career driven women, who never removes her heals and never shows any weakness. Add an evil sponsor, the "nice guy", and a chef gone chief, and you have Style.
Will SeoJeong become the editor she dreams of becoming?
Who will take over Style magazine when sponsors begin to pull out?

Style had it's heels pointed in the right direction, but took some bad turns. Dubbed the "Korean Devil Wears Prada" I could see it, and I enjoyed watching for the most part, but I don't think I could watch it again. It took me quite awhile to warm up to Lee Seo Jeong....I just found her to be rather frustrating at times. Ryu Shiwon's character made no sense whatsoever to me, either. One minute he was nice, the next he was angsty, the next in love, and the next emotionless, I couldn't understand any of it. There was a few glimmers of hope though, mainly through Park Gi Ja, Kim Hye Soo's character. Kim Hye Soo did a phenomenal job, and made someone you couldn't straight out hate, and that you grew to love. Some episodes I quite enjoyed, however the rest seemed like a strange mishmash of odd side plots.

I would say watch it, if you like Park Gi Ja and her, "Do it with edge!" as she basically carries the drama. I would wait for her scenes as she was the one who made it interesting.
It has some good moments, but others just fall flat.

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