Monday, 8 March 2010

Invincible Lee Pyung Kang/천하무적 이평강

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Language: Korean

Lee Pyung Kang is a hard-working girl who dreams of one day becoming a golf course designer, to follow in the footsteps of her deceased father. Woo On Dal is an arrogant, useless son and heir to a large golf resort where Pyung Kang works. Though strange circumstances, involving On Dal's evil step mother and step brother, they must join forces if they want to protect the golf course.

Can On Dal prove that he is worthy to be the heir?
Or will his step brother steal it, and his women?


I enjoyed this drama, it had a kind of...Lee Da Hae feel to it. The main girl is sassy, and determined, while the main guy is useless in the beginning, but turns out to be a good guy. Though the drama is starved for "eye candy" it makes up for it with endearing characters. From the neighbourhood ajussi(s), to the younger sister that acts like a grandma. Even the antagonists aren't as bad as you might think. I appreciated that the drama didn't draw out things it could have, e.g. Pyung Kang's mother's gambling addiction could have been been used just about anywhere to make the drama longer, but they just let it be, thankfully.

Nam Sang Mi did a great job, and like I said before, was very "Lee Da Hae" for me in this role. Ji Hyun Woo, also did a good job as the leading man. Throw in an ex-fiance, and long lost pen-pal, (both of who were just so-so in my opinion, however I think that they weren't given a lot to work with either) and you have a fun drama. I would recommend it.

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