Sunday, 11 October 2009

Egao no Hosoku/Always Smiling/笑顔の法則

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Language: Japanese

While on her way to a job interview, in full kimono, Kurasawa Yumi bumps into Sakurai Reijiro. This chance meetings ends up with her becoming his assistant. He is a comic book writer, about to move into seclusion at an "onsen" a.k.a. hot spring. This drama is about the inn they stay at, and all that happens within.

Will love spark between Yumi and Reijiro? Or will the owner's son interfere? How will the inn staff react, when goonies start pressuring the owner to sell?


I watched this one through rose-colored glasses, as I am a fan of Abe Hiroshi (the main fellow). However, now that I think about it, it was a tad boring and slow. Abe Hiroshi's character wasn't actually all that interesting, almost....awkward? It's defined as comedy, but I can't think of any funny parts that stick out in my mind... The romance didn't play a big part, either.

Basically it's an average drama. However if you like Abe Hiroshi, it's bearable.
I know I enjoyed it, as I finished it...but like I said,
I have no special memories of this drama.

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